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Safe IPL Hair Removal Machine
  • Safe IPL Hair Removal MachineSafe IPL Hair Removal Machine

Safe IPL Hair Removal Machine

Safe IPL hair removal machine is the latest pulse hair removal machine. IPL photon hair removal is a mature hair removal method at present. Javy is a professional hair removal machine manufacturer in China.

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Product Description

Safe IPL hair removal machines uses the photothermal effect that will be generated after the intense pulsed light acts on the skin to promote the regeneration of molecular arrangement in the skin and enhance the function of blood vessels. In order to achieve rapid hair removal, firming and wrinkle removal, whitening and rejuvenating skin treatment effect.

Machine Parameter (Specification)

Machine name

Safe IPL hair removal machine



pulse width







10.4 LCD control screen

Number of pulses


cooling system

Air cooling + water cooling

Machine power


pulse width


Machine Principle

The safe IPL hair removal machine uses a wide spectrum of 650-1200nm. According to the selective photothermal effect of pulsed light, the pulsed light will act on the hair follicle, and gradually destroy the growth cells of the hair follicle in the process of increasing the temperature of the hair follicle. The whole process does not cause damage to the skin.

Machine Advantages

1. "Precise aiming, significant curative effect" is the distinctive feature of the Safe IPL hair removal machine. The Safe IPL hair removal machine adopts a specially designed double-pulse light. 10 pulses. The handle of the Safe IPL Hair Removal Machine slides gently over the skin to gently inactivate the hair follicles for hair removal.

2. The safe IPL hair removal machine adopts a new pulse mode and repetition frequency, which can increase the hair removal speed to about 4 times that of the previous version. And the handle lens material of the latest safe IPL hair removal machine is better and more comfortable. This effectively solves the two major problems of traditional hair removal: painful and slow hair removal. Using sequential pulse method, the heating is more stable, almost painless, safe, reliable and comfortable, without side effects, and easy to treat.

3. The safe IPL hair removal machine adopts the gold standard hair removal wavelength to ensure that the overall effective hair removal can be achieved; using a low energy density of 10J and a powerful water cooling system throughout the process, the possibility of side effects is zero.

The comparison between the hair removal technology of the safe IPL hair removal machine and the traditional hair removal technology, the traditional photorejuvenation hair removal technology only uses the fine-tuning of the pulse width to improve the photothermal selection, and has a wide range of wavelengths. The latest safe IPL hair removal machine can accurately concentrate the pulse energy, quickly and accurately, and effectively solve various skin problems such as facial pigmentation, telangiectasia (red face syndrome), and the whitening effect is also extraordinary. Apply to all parts of the body to remove hair.


Q: Are Safe IPL Hair Removal Machines Really Safe?

A: A machine based on IPL's technology is generally considered a safe machine because it typically filters potentially harmful UV radiation by blocking wavelengths below 650 nm, so the treatment does not have adverse effects.

Q: How do I choose a IPL hair removal machine?

A: You can choose the lenses of the safe IPL hair removal machine according to your own needs. The main treatment area of the small lens is the face, armpit or bikini, which mainly uses a small window device of 2-3 cm2. The main treatment areas of the large lens are the legs, back, and torso, and it mainly uses a large window device of 4-7 square centimeters.

Q: Is IPL harm your skin?

A: IPL treatment is a light facial with little risk of damaging the skin. The Safe IPL Hair Removal Machine's Light Facial is a non-invasive treatment that saturates the skin's surface with light to target problem areas and reverse the signs of damage and aging, all without harming the skin.

Product Qualification

Safe IPL hair removal machine with CE certified beauty machine certificate is a high-quality product that customers can trust.

Deliver,Shipping And Serving

Our company has a well-cooperative transportation company, and the express delivery time of the safe IPL hair removal machine is only about 15 working days. Our factory guarantees that the machine will be ready within three days. If the transportation method is by sea, the time will increase to about a month.

Each machine comes with a user manual and some videos we shot for your reference. Basic installation and operation methods are easy to find in the manual. Please feel free to contact us if you encounter problems. 12 months warranty, 24 months online technical support.

About Us

JAVY Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of beauty equipment, various hair removal machines, skin rejuvenation machines, weight loss machines, tattoo removal machines and more than 20 products for you to choose from, which can be customized to meet your various needs.

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