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The rf weight loss machine is a machine that uses laser to achieve the purpose of weight loss and shaping. This new technology is optimized to destroy and eliminate unwanted fat cells. The 1060nm wavelength has a specific affinity for adipose tissue. The energy transmitted by the laser is Molecules in the irradiated tissue move to generate heat, and the temperature in the dermis increases. As time goes by, the body will naturally expel the damaged fat cells out of the body, thus achieving the effect of slimming and shaping. The machine allows effective treatment of problematic fat areas in only 25 minutes per treatment. The results are excellent, and the best results are usually seen in as little as 12 weeks.

The rf weight loss machine uses a new type of ABS material, a beautiful and atmospheric shell, and is equipped with four hands-free applicators, so that patients can receive treatment in multiple areas at the same time. The four applicators of the machine can be placed anywhere on the abdomen and sides to pinpoint problem areas. Our machine has advanced contact cooling technology, which can achieve the best patient comfort controlled temperature technology without downtime. Humanized design, with non-invasive technology, will not damage surrounding tissues, stable high-energy output, and ensure efficient treatment effects.

The rf weight loss machine is a non-invasive technology for weight loss and body shaping treatment, which can be used to remove fat cells, especially for abdomen, thigh, arm, belly fat, etc. It is clinically proven to effectively eliminate fat cells within 25 minutes. It has a well-tolerated temperature control system that can be adjusted at any time; it is non-suction, no bruises, safe and comfortable, no downtime, and can quickly recover. Suitable for all skin types , A program takes 25 minutes on average, and can target multiple areas at once.
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