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The RF crow's feet removal machine locates the tissue heating to promote the contraction and tightening of the subcutaneous collagen. At the same time, cooling measures are taken on the skin surface. The dermis is heated while the epidermis maintains a normal temperature. At this time, two reactions will occur: one is the thickening of the skin dermis and wrinkles. Then it becomes shallower or disappears: Second, the form of subcutaneous collagen is remodeled to produce new collagen, and the skin becomes firmer after one treatment.

The RF crow's feet removal machine is a kind of beauty treatment that uses a magnetic power radio frequency skin tightening device to achieve wrinkle tightening. The magneto dynamic radio frequency skin tightening instrument generates 40.68MHz radio frequency waves at a specific depth under the skin. The radio frequency waves act on the water molecules in the collagen, and the bipolar water molecules rotate and rub to generate heat. The released radio frequency energy, the young light penetrates the skin epidermis directly It acts on the dermis to achieve the effect of heating the collagen.

Steps of using radio frequency to remove crow's feet machine:
1 Clean the treatment area.
2 Apply cold gel to the treated area of the recipient.
3 Set the radio frequency treatment parameters. The radio frequency hand piece is continuously moved and scanned on the skin of the treatment area. When the instrument shows that the skin temperature reaches 40°C, it is maintained for 3 minutes.
4.After each area is treated once, move to the adjacent area to continue treatment until the treatment of all treatment areas is over

 The collagen fibers in the dermis shrink after heating, so that the loose skin and wrinkles are tightened. At the same time, the collagen proliferates, rearranges, and repairs the damaged collagen layer, so as to achieve wrinkle removal. Firming effect.
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