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4D Pro(Retch Frequency Skin Rejuvenation Machine)is a full-face three-dimensional anti-aging laser system. The system integrates fast tightening, three-dimensional three-dimensional lattice, deep heating and fat-dissolving, and micro-skin peeling. In one, the skin and its deep tissues are fully lifted from the inside to the outside.

One of the core features of 4D Pro(Retch Frequency Skin Rejuvenation Machine)is the four modes. They are: Smooth mode, FRAC3 mode, Piano mode, Superficial mode, which act on different skin levels respectively.

Smooth mode: acts on the mucosal surface of the mouth, heats the fascia layer, tightens collagen fibers, and stimulates collagen regeneration. It can be strengthened for the nasolabial folds.

FRAC3 mode: acting on the dermis, improving uneven skin tone, whitening, rejuvenating and firming.

Piano mode: acting on the dermis & subcutaneous fat layer, it has the dual effect of burning fat + tightening.

Superficial Mode: Acts on the epidermis to reduce fine lines and shrink pores.

our RF tube skin rejuvenation machine also has our own unique advantages: our RF tube laser machine can provide the therapist with an overall free and controllable treatment process and a comfortable and enjoyable treatment experience. Our radio frequency tube skin rejuvenation machine can provide 10W, 20W, 30W laser power to adjust the treatment intensity, and the diameter of the laser focal spot can also be adjusted independently according to the situation within the range of 50μm to 2000μm. Our radio frequency tube skin rejuvenation machine is also equipped with a variety of hand tools to meet the doctor's treatment requirements for different lesions in different parts. All of these can ensure that physicians can freely control the progress and intensity of treatment during the treatment process to a greater extent, so as to bring better treatment effect and treatment experience to the therapist.

Preoperative Notes:

• Be sure to do a face-to-face consultation with the doctor before doing it to find the program that suits you.

• The adjustment of energy is determined by factors such as the skin color and skin thickness of the beauty seeker. So be sure to answer the doctor’s questions in detail during the interview.

• Do not use A-acids or light-sensitive drugs, do not exfoliate, and avoid excessive sun exposure for two weeks before treatment.

• If the skin is very dry before surgery, a non-invasive moisturizing program can be performed first.

• Conditions such as photosensitivity and severe skin diseases are not suitable for this program.

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