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Radio Frequency Freckle Removal Machine Factory

The radio frequency freckle removal machine uses laser energy to emit high energy instantly, so that the laser with a fixed wavelength can penetrate the epidermis and reach the diseased tissue in a very short time. The corresponding pigment clusters will burst and burst when heated, and the broken pigment clusters will be digested by macrophages. , Excreted from the body through the lymphatic circulatory system in the body, the pigment of the diseased tissue will gradually fade until it disappears, and the surrounding normal skin tissue will not cause any damage because it does not absorb the fixed-wavelength laser.

The radio frequency freckle removal machine uses laser to selectively remove stains, and the skin parts without spots will not be damaged by the laser, and there are no side effects on the body. The laser freckle removal machine with different treatment heads can also whiten and rejuvenate the skin, repair damaged skin, decompose pigment clusters and pigments, and can effectively inhibit the production of melanin, promote skin blood circulation, prevent skin aging, and keep skin delicate and bright, etc. .

The radio frequency freckle removal machine is useful. The radio frequency freckle removal is based on the selective light heat and principle of the laser. After the laser is irradiated on the skin, it will be absorbed by the pigments in the skin lesions, and the high energy of the laser will break these pigments, and the pigment fragments It will clear the body with various circulations of the human body to achieve the purpose of freckle removal. The radio frequency freckle removal machine uses visible light with high-intensity instantaneous energy from the laser. Lasers of different wavelengths will be absorbed by special colors or pigments in the skin to achieve freckle removal. The laser functions of various wavelengths of energy are also different. Laser freckle removal has the advantages of being more precise, having no obvious side effects, being safe, fast, and having no scars.


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