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Pulse Wrinkle Removal Machine Factory

The latest pulse wrinkle removal machine is a laser with a wavelength of 10600nm. When it penetrates the skin through its optical lens, it can track light with a wavelength of 10600nm of carbon dioxide. We can control the penetration depth of energy by operating the machine, from a depth of only a few microns to a deeper micro thermal channel, which generates heat and stimulates the production of new collagen in the skin tissue to immediately tighten and enhance the effect, making the skin more Younger, and ultimately the skin looks healthier and younger. The machine adopts professional and comfortable technology to ensure non-invasive and safe treatment to achieve a significant effect of tightening the skin and improving wrinkles and scars.

Pulse wrinkle removal machine advantages is that it has the CE certificate of the European Union certification and the safety authority. The 40-watt radio frequency metal tube is used to ensure strong and stable energy, long service life, and a variety of patterns with adjustable sizes, which are suitable for different treatment areas. The 7-section light guide arm can move and scan 360 degrees, and the output energy is more stable. The aiming beam is adjustable to ensure precise treatment. The spot size is small, and the skin can be restored quickly. The number of treatments is small, and the scar problem can be solved quickly and effectively.

Pulse wrinkle removal machine can realize safe processing. Our machine has 7 articulated light guide arms, which greatly reduces energy consumption, is convenient and flexible to operate, beautiful appearance, good usability, short downtime, standard graphics, small dots, uniform arrangement, and good clinical effects. Equipped with the most advanced system, adjustable design makes the treatment more healthy and comfortable. Our machine has EU certification, which is a safe and reliable machine for consumers.
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