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The pulse freckle removal machine uses lasers of different wavelengths to act on the treatment site, causing it to be absorbed by various pigmented mole spots, thereby vaporizing and decomposing the spots, and excreting them with the lymphatic system. Strong pulsed light is highly targeted, has obvious freckle effect, immediate effect, few side effects, can achieve whitening and freckle effect, can eliminate stubborn skin spots, and can also reduce plaques to achieve the effect of beauty and beauty. This method is also very safe and accurate. It can also dilute the chloasma of the skin, not only removing spots, but also scars.

The pulse freckle removal machine can remove the plaques in the epidermis and dermis of the skin, can achieve the effect of brightening the skin, and make the skin more clean and beautiful. When the pulse freckle removal machine is in operation, it uses the beam energy generated by the pulse to act on the epidermis of the skin, penetrates into the dermis of the skin through continuous beam irradiation, and uses laser energy to destroy the local skin melanin deposits. The necrotic melanocytes are decomposed into melanin particles, which are excreted with the speed of skin metabolism to achieve the effect of removing plaques. At the same time, it can also stimulate the regeneration and reorganization of subcutaneous collagen, rejuvenate local skin cells, and improve the long-term skin plaque problem. To a certain extent, it can also repair damaged skin tissues, and can well remove stubborn plaques such as sunburn, freckles, chloasma and age spots.

The principle of the pulse freckle removal machine is that the laser energy emitted by the treatment device smoothly penetrates the damaged skin, enters the damaged part, and treats the pigment in the damaged part. The spot pigment will change under strong laser irradiation and then dissipate by itself, thus obtaining the effect of reducing or disappearing spots.

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Safe Pulse Freckle Removal Machine

Safe Pulse Freckle Removal Machine

Safe pulse freckle removal machine has a laser with a specific wavelength that can pass through the epidermis and dermis to reach the diseased pigmented tissues, and only exerts an effect on the pigment particles. The epidermis of the skin is basically not damaged, so it will not leave scars on the skin. Lasers of different wavelengths can be selectively absorbed by the pigments in the skin. Moreover, the laser beam has a small area and passes through the skin in a very short time of milliseconds and microseconds. The heat damage of the laser to the epidermis is very small, and it will not at all. Let the epidermis leave scars.

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