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What’s the pigment removal machine?
Pigment removal machine is picosecond machine. JAVY® Picosecond laser pigment removal machineis divided into two quality standards: common standard and advanced Standard.

What is picosecond machine?what is picosecond technology?
Picosecond machine is the abbreviation of picosecond laser pigment removal machine. Picosecond laser is a technology that uses a laser in picoseconds (1 picosecond is equal to one trillionth of a second) to break up melanin particles. The pulse width of the picosecond laser pigment removal machine is picoseconds, and its laser is Compared with the nanosecond laser, its pulse width is shorter, and the generated light pressure has a stronger ability to destroy the pigment.
The pulse width of the JAVY® picosecond laser pigment removal machine is only 1% of the traditional Q-switched laser. After the light energy is absorbed by the target, its volume expands rapidly, resulting in a photomechanical effect, which is blasted and torn into pieces. The JAVY® picosecond laser pigment removal machine can Make pigmented skin lesions produce stronger curative effect under shorter treatment times. According to the 'selective photothermolysis principle', the energy of the JAVY® picosecond laser pigment removal machine is limited to the target that needs to be treated, and the surrounding normal tissues are protected, so the selectivity of the treatment is stronger.
Pigment Removal Machine Advanced Standard Pigment Removal Machine Common Standard

Laser Type Pico laser
Wavelength 1064nm 755nm 532nm
Frequency 1Hz-10Hz
Spot Size 2-10mm
Cooling System Wind+water cooling

What’s the pigment removal machine used for?
The application range of JAVY® picosecond laser pigment removal machine is mainly for the treatment of some skin and color diseases, such as pigmented spots, moles, tattoos and other color treatments that are different from normal skin tone: Lighten pigmented skin problems:
The picosecond laser energy of a special wavelength is used to absorb the peak absorption of pigmented skin problems. The JAVY® picosecond laser pigment removal machine’s laser energy directly penetrates all layers of the skin and targets and locates the melanocytes and smashes them into fine dust. Phagocytosis or excretion later fades pigmented skin problems.
Traceless eyebrow washing and tattoo washing:
The picosecond laser of the JAVY® picosecond laser pigment removal machine directly smashes melanocytes with the advantages of shorter pulse width, special wavelength, etc., and high energy. Coupled with the principle of pulsed laser, JAVY® picosecond laser pigment removal machine can avoid incomplete treatment or scarring during the treatment process.

Tattoo Removal Spot Removal Eyebrow&Eyeliner Removal

What's the benefit of pigment removal machine?
* JAVY® picosecond laser pigment removal machine is less damage to the skin.
The shorter the action time of the picosecond laser, the less easy it is for the laser energy absorbed and accumulated in the target tissue to spread to the surrounding tissue, the energy is limited to the maximum extent in the target that needs to be treated, and the surrounding normal tissue is protected, thereby reducing the overall damage of the treatment.
* JAVY® picosecond laser pigment removal machine can precisely crush melanin.
The pulse width of the JAVY® picosecond laser pigment removal machine is only 1% of the traditional nanosecond laser, and the light energy hardly produces photothermal effect, and after being absorbed by the target, the laser volume of the JAVY® picosecond laser pigment removal machine expands rapidly, making pigmented skin in the The shorter the number of treatments, the stronger the curative effect.
* JAVY® picosecond laser pigment removal machine can make the treatment area scab quickly without turning black.
If the pigment particles are compared to rocks, traditional lasers can crush rocks to the size of pebbles, while JAVY® picosecond laser pigment removal machine can crush them into dust, which greatly reduces the chance of post-treatment pigmentation.
* Short injury recovery period of JAVY® picosecond laser pigment removal machine.
The postoperative redness and swelling of the JAVY® picosecond laser pigment removal machine can basically subside within 12-24 hours, and it has a wide range of applications. One treatment can improve various facial problems at the same time. Nearly zero damage, no scabs and scabs are removed quickly after surgery, suitable for people with a fast pace of life. Secondly, the JAVY® picosecond machine will not have any scars, discoloration, and anti-black problems.

Could pigment removal machine make logo as customer requirement?
Yes. JAVY® pigment & tattoo removal machine can be put customers’ logo on touch screen also can make customer-specific design.

What’s the warranty of pigment removal machine?
Each JAVY® picosecond laser pigment removal machine will be tested again before delivery.
Meanwhile, we provide 2 years warranty. One year for free spare parts and another year online support. We will be online all the time, when you contact us we will reply you asap.

How long is the delivery time and shipping line?
JAVY® picosecond laser pigment removal machine will be finished within 7 days. If you need urgently, we will try to finish it within 3-5 days.
JAVY® company has more than 5 shipping agents. We can ship by air/by express/by sea even door to door. We will find the best and lowest one for you.

We are the leading manufacturer of laser beauty equipment in China. Our factory is located in a professional equipment park in Hebei Province. The company has a strong team dedicated to providing the most professional services in the world. Our beauty equipment has passed the CE certificate certified by the European Union, and our products mainly include skin whitening, wrinkle removal and facial beauty. Repair the skin, improve uneven skin, large pores, rough skin, and loose skin. Especially suitable for removing all kinds of scars, wrinkles, stretch marks, pigmentation and pigmentation. Weight loss machine, crow's feet removal machine, Q-switching and yag laser pigment removal machine, all machines have passed strict tests, and we can also customize them according to your needs. We look forward to becoming your long-term partner in China.
The pigment removal machine uses the explosive effect of the ND:YAG laser, the laser penetrates the epidermis into the dermis, acts on the quality of the pigment, and is absorbed by the pigment. Due to the extremely short laser pulse of a few nanoseconds and high energy, the pigment cluster will quickly expand and break into small pieces, which are eliminated through metabolism. In this case, the pigment gradually becomes lighter and eventually disappears. It is a quick and easy non-surgical, non-invasive laser skin treatment, suitable for the body, including the chest or shoulders, face, hands, legs, etc.

The pigment removal machine is a comfortable and convenient first choice for tattoo removal and skin regeneration treatments. It is used for wrinkles, acne scars and freckles, sunspots and discoloration. Relying only on heat to burn or melt unwanted tattoo ink or melanin, this pigment can cause dark spots on the skin. The laser energy and graphic size can be adjusted, and the wheel design can be moved at will to ensure normal use in various situations.
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