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Painless Gold RF Microcrystalline HIFU Machine
  • Painless Gold RF Microcrystalline HIFU MachinePainless Gold RF Microcrystalline HIFU Machine

Painless Gold RF Microcrystalline HIFU Machine

Painless gold RF microcrystalline HIFU machine is a cosmetic device that uses a new type of microcrystalline RF needle to treat skin tissue. It penetrates the skin with a microcrystalline radio frequency needle and emits radio frequency energy and then exits quickly, stimulates the subcutaneous tissue, promotes the regeneration of subcutaneous collagen, and achieves the purpose of rejuvenating the skin system and rebuilding the skin system. The whole process of using the painless gold radio frequency microcrystalline HIFU machine will not cause harm to the user's body, and will not affect the daily work and study at all.

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Product Description

Painless Gold RF Microcrystalline HIFU Machine

Product Introduction

Painless gold RF microcrystalline HIFU machine is a machine for professional skin treatment. Its laser is mainly emitted from the microcrystalline needle to the subcutaneous layer to stimulate the new collagen of the skin. Its main functions include removing facial wrinkles, removing stretch marks, treating large pores, removing red blood, and removing acne. The curative effect is remarkable and the effect is lasting.

Product Parameter (Specification)










10.4 inch color toch screen









Pulse width


Product Feature And Application

Painless gold RF microcrystal HIFU machine uses a micro crystal radio frequency needle to penetrate into the skin to emit radio frequency energy and then quickly extract it, thereby stimulating the automatic repair of the subcutaneous tissue and producing new collagen, so as to achieve the purpose of skin rejuvenation. The needle body is 0.22mm, and the needle tip is 0.1mm thinner; the insulating probe tip is 0.3-0.5mm in order to have energy, and the needle body has no energy with an insulator to avoid burning skin pigmentation, basically painless and no bleeding. And there will be no adverse reactions such as scabbing and discoloration after surgery.

Product Details

Painless gold RF microcrystalline HIFU machine uses radio frequency skin tightening technology and microdermabrasion technology to break through the singleness of traditional treatment. It directly emits radio frequency energy from the dermis layer, and can adjust the depth and radio frequency of microcrystalline penetration according to different degrees of adaptation. The amount of energy doubles the efficacy. And the effect is long-lasting, each treatment can last 3 to 6 years.

Product Qualification

Painless gold RF microcrystalline HIFU machine with CE certified beauty machine certificate is a high-quality product that customers can trust.

Deliver,Shipping And Serving

The delivery time of painless gold RF microcrystalline HIFU machine is only 7~15 working days. The shipping process is convenient and fast, and it is delivered to all parts of the world by air box.


Q1: who are we?

A: JAVY Technology Co., Ltd. has a basic investment of 80 million and covers an area of 28,000 square meters. It specializes in the production of beauty equipment, 1550 erbium laser, 1060 fat reduction instrument and more than 20 products for you to choose from, which can be customized to meet your various needs.

Q2: What's the delivery time and method?

A: The delivery time will be 7~15days after payment received for the regular products. Please contact us for details. The delivery method will be based on the buyers requirement. Usually bi DHL UPS, FedEx or by air flight.

Q3: How to use the machine?

A: There will have users' manual book enclosed with each machine unit. It's easy to find the basic installation and operation method in the manual. Or please contact us for more details.

Q4: After service?

A: 24months Warranty. Lifetime maintain.If there is any problems occur, you just need to contact us by email, telephone or on-line chat. Then we will help you solve the problems immediately.

Q5: What is delivery time?

A: We have enough stock for the machine ,and all the machine can be sent within 7 days after received the payment.

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