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Weight loss machine classification


1) Electric pulse mode: electronic pulse is used to act on human skin, meridians and acupoints, so as to achieve the purpose of weight loss.

2) Vibration mode: mechanical vibration is used to assist human movement and consume body fat.

3) Pneumatic extrusion method: use the air pressure mechanism to achieve the purpose of manual massage to lose weight.

4) Method of raising body temperature: use equipment to raise human body temperature, accelerate human metabolism and increase human perspiration.

5) Microwave equipment: This is a machine that can make the fat inside the human body move, so that the fat cells inside the human body move and collide with each other, so as to consume the internal fat.

6) Vacuum adsorption type: the equipment uses a special adsorption tool to act on the human skin and absorb the human skin by vacuum. With the movement of the tool on the body, it can squeeze, massage and exercise to lose weight.

7) Laser weight loss: use the specific wavelength of the laser and the mechanism that the laser can penetrate into the skin to stimulate the corresponding acupoints. The mechanism is the same as that of acupuncture, but the human body will not feel pain and discomfort. The specific wavelength has different effects.

8) Ultrasonic mode: use the characteristics of high-frequency vibration of ultrasonic wave to act on human skin and make the skin produce high-energy movement.

9) Water bath therapy: use the affinity between water flow, water temperature and people to achieve the purpose of weight loss.