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The latest laser wrinkle removal machine is a laser with a wavelength of 10600 nanometers. It uses a CO2 fractional laser system to emit a laser beam. The laser acts on the vaginal mucosa and muscle tissue to generate heat and stimulate the skin tissue to produce new collagen to achieve immediate tightening and lifting effects, making the skin younger and finally the skin Will look healthier and younger. Professional and comfortable technology to ensure non-invasive and safe, doctors and patients will choose treatment methods instead of surgical methods to achieve significant effects of skin tightening and improvement of wrinkles and scars.

Laser wrinkle removal machine advantages:
1. Large LCD color touch screen, the most user-friendly system operation control.
2. 7 articulated arms with 360 degrees, more convenient operation and lower cost. Multiple shape options.
3. Use scanning field lens instead of focusing lens to improve the uniformity of planar scanning. The spot diameter is only 0.1mm.
4. Multiple scan heads of different sizes.
5. The powerful system is convenient to adjust parameters. A variety of graphics and scanning modes are available for your choice. In addition, the graphics can be adjusted in both directions.
6. The operation modes of continuous, ultra-pulse, and different scores are more widely used in clinical applications.
7. The focal spot diameter and spacing are adjustable. It can meet the unique needs of patients during the treatment process.
8. Using high-quality radio frequency laser tube, stable performance and high efficiency.

The laser wrinkle removal machine to realize safe processing. And our machine has seven articulated light guide arms, which greatly reduces energy consumption, is convenient and flexible to operate, has a beautiful appearance, has good usability, short downtime, more standard graphics, smaller dots, more uniform arrangement, and better clinical effects good. Equipped with the most advanced system, the adjustable design makes the treatment more healthy and comfortable.
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Convenient Laser Wrinkle Removal Machine

Convenient Laser Wrinkle Removal Machine

Convenient laser wrinkle removal machine is a manual operating system, have with multiple functions and customized interfaces machine.

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Multifunctional Laser Wrinkle Removal Machine

Multifunctional Laser Wrinkle Removal Machine

Multifunctional laser wrinkle removal machine fully tightens the skin, improves facial wrinkles, and professionally removes wrinkles.

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