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Laser skin rejuvenation machine is an instrument that provides a new type of laser treatment method. It improves skin quality from the basal layer and provides adjustable treatment for different skin conditions. It penetrates the skin with a specific wavelength of 5mm thickness, and reaches the dermis layer of the skin directly. The collagen cells and fibroblasts acting on the dermis can regenerate the collagen in the skin and truly achieve the effect of skin care. The laser skin rejuvenation machine will only cause minimally invasive skin that can heal quickly. The minimally invasive pores will heal quickly and bring about skin rejuvenation, wrinkle removal, pigmentation removal, and skin relaxation and thinning treatment. The whole process will not damage the skin. cause substantial damage.

The skin rejuvenation function of our laser skin rejuvenation machine is mainly achieved by the instrument outputting the focal spot of the laser in one place and the water in the skin tissue in a scanning way, which produces thermal effect, thermal coagulation and thermal peeling at the action site. The thermal effect generated by the laser skin rejuvenation machine will cause the collagen fibers to shrink in the tissue, and thermal coagulation and thermal peeling will lead to the formation of minimally invasive pores in the tissue, which will activate the skin's wound repair mechanism and produce a large amount of collagen to achieve the reproduction of the dermal frame structure. , Facial contour sculpting, wrinkles disappear, skin delicate effect.

The main advantage of our laser skin rejuvenation machine is that it can provide the therapist with an overall free and controllable treatment process and a comfortable and enjoyable treatment experience. We provide laser skin rejuvenation machines with three power lasers of 10W, 20W, and 30W to adjust the treatment intensity. At the same time, the diameter of the laser focal spot can also be adjusted within the range of 50μm to 2000μm according to the situation. At the same time, the laser skin rejuvenation machine is also equipped with a variety of hand tools to meet the doctor's treatment requirements for different lesions in different parts. All of these can ensure that physicians can freely control the progress and intensity of treatment during the treatment process to a greater extent, so as to bring better treatment effect and treatment experience to the therapist.

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Professional Laser Skin Rejuvenation Machine

Professional Laser Skin Rejuvenation Machine

The professional laser skin rejuvenation machine is a beauty instrument that uses a new type of Co2 laser to treat skin tissue. It uses fractional laser scanning to stimulate the skin for wound repair, so as to achieve the purpose of rebuilding the skin system. The whole process is minimally invasive and painless, and the recovery process is fast, which does not affect daily work and study at all.

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