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Laser Pigment Removal Machine, the most popular machine for removing pigments and tattoos。Javy® is an advanced laser pigment removal machine manufacturer in China.New technology, high efficiency is our synonym.

1.What's happens after laser pigment removal machine?

Javy®Laser pigment removal machine is to crush the melanin particles at the bottom of the skin into powder, and then metabolize it, so picosecond laser pigment removal machine will not rebound. However, there is no one-and-done method. After the spots are removed, melanin may also be regenerated and deposited again, so pay attention to sun protection, healthy diet and rest (maintain endocrine balance), so that new spots are not easy to appear.

2.Are there any side effects of laser pigment removal machine? Is it true that the skin becomes thinner?

Laser pigment removal machine has almost no side effects, because the treatment time is picosecond level, which is 1000 times faster than traditional ultra-picosecond freckle removal equipment. It can be said that the treatment is over before the picosecond freckle has had time to destroy the surrounding skin.

In addition, the laser pigment removal machine smashing melanin blasting power is very strong, the Javy® laser pigment removal machine generally needs to be done 10 times, but the picosecond freckle can be significantly removed in only 2-3 times, so that the stratum corneum of the skin is basically not affected. No damage will be suffered, nor will it be thinned by repeated injury repairs.

3.How do you get rid of redness after laser pigment removal machine?

Pigment and tattoo removal surgery is relatively simple and rude, which is to directly destroy the skin tissue and then wait for its new cells to generate new cells to replace the damaged or aging cells. Usually, the super laser pigment & tattoo removal surgery process is targeted destruction. Aging cells are either pigmented or damaged cells with scars. After the damaged cells are destroyed, they wait for new cells to be generated through the body's self-healing reaction.

Before the operation, you should also make a diagnosis on your face. There are two types of spots. One is the one that has already occurred on the epidermis, and the other is ongoing. Controlled, you can temporarily clear the pigment on the face, but as the ongoing pigmentation will continue to accumulate pigment to the epidermis.

4.Who is not suitable for using laser pigment removal machine?

People who are not suitable for laser pigment removal machine include: recent tanning history, obvious skin darkening, for example, we just came back from the beach and tanned deeply. Due to the active melanin,Javy® laser pigment removal machine treatment is not suitable at this time, otherwise it is easy to produce too dark or anti-black.

Another recent use of photosensitive drugs, this drug will increase some of the optical reactions, not suitable for picosecond treatment.

Furthermore, they have some relative contraindications, such as hormones or anti-tumor drugs, because these people are prone to skin problems and complications, so if these people do pigment and tattoo removal special attention should be paid, but it is not to say that it cannot be done, and other people can perform picosecond treatment.

5.Do laser pigment removal machine leave scars? , and will the scabs fall off after a few days?

Picoseconds will only work on pigment particles and will not damage the epidermis. At the same time, its speed is in the picosecond range, and it only acts on the spotted area, so there will be no visible scars on the skin.

The degree of picosecond laser pigment removal machine is much smaller than that of ordinary super picosecond laser pigment removal machine. After the scab is formed, it will usually fall off after 3-7 days. This is the wound period of the skin's self-healing. It cannot be peeled off manually. Wet and normal skin care.

The energy of the laser pigment removal machine can be absorbed by the blue and black melanin. The picosecond laser uses a very short pulse output method, using the principle of photomechanical shock wave, by focusing energy to "crush" the pigment into fine particles, which are more easily metabolized by the lymphatic system or excreted from the body. Minimizing the side effects of thermal effects can achieve the goal of almost solving various pigment spots, thereby removing tattoos or other pigmentation without damaging normal tissues. The treatment is safe and convenient, without downtime and side effects, and is superior to traditional laser spot whitening effects.

The Javy® laser pigment removal machine is a comfortable and convenient first choice for tattoo removal and skin regeneration treatments. It is used for wrinkles, acne scars and freckles, sunspots and discoloration. Traditional nanosecond lasers mainly rely on photothermal action to transfer heat to pigments and surrounding tissues. Our machine uses pressure wave technology to smash the target ink into fine particles, which can be easily removed by the body. The picosecond pulse width is 100 times shorter than that of nanosecond technology. It can adjust the laser energy and graphic size, etc., and the wheel design can be moved at will to ensure normal use in various situations.

Laser pigment removal machine is a comfortable and convenient first choice for tattoo removal and skin regeneration treatment. It is used for wrinkles, acne scars and freckles, sunspots and discoloration. Relying only on heat to burn or melt unwanted tattoo ink or melanin, this pigment will cause dark spots on the skin. The laser energy and graphic size can be adjusted, and the wheel design can be moved at will to ensure normal use in various situations. All our machines have CE certification to ensure quality and safety. Our machines are subject to strict quality management to ensure good quality.
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Super Laser Pigment Removal Machine

Super Laser Pigment Removal Machine

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