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In the use of IPL hair removal machine, JAVY® IPL hair removal machine has been upgraded in technology, it is also called DPL hair removal machine.

What’s the IPL hair removal machine?

JAVY® IPL hair removal machine is a high-level upgraded version of traditional IPL hair removal machine. It is a new type of narrow-spectrum light technology. Many doctors call it narrow-spectrum skin rejuvenation and precise skin rejuvenation. JAVY® IPL hair removal machine is more accurate than traditional IPL hair removal machine and has a longer treatment cycle. Shortened, JAVY® IPL hair removal machine can excite selected narrow-spectrum pulsed light in the 100-755nm band. This light contains the absorption peaks of melanin, oxygen and hemoglobin, and has significant effects on hair removal, skin rejuvenation, pigment extraction, red blood, etc.


What’s the function of each handle of IPL?

Precision Hair Removal Handle Honeycomb Rejuvenation Handle

JAVY® IPL hair removal machine is the principle of selective photothermolysis, which uses intense pulsed light of a specific wavelength to irradiate the skin of growing hair, absorbs a large number of photons and generates heat, so that the energy is maximized to focus on the collagen tissue of the dermis and the dermal papilla of the hair follicle, thereby destroying the hair follicle to achieve hair removal effect.

The honeycomb skin rejuvenation of JAVY® IPL hair removal machine promotes the reorganization and regeneration of collagen fibers and elastic fibers in the dermis through the photothermal effect generated by the narrow-spectrum intense pulsed light and the honeycomb transient penetration technology on the skin, so as to make the skin firm, Skin whitening and rejuvenation.

Traditional IPL Irradiation

Irregular wavelengths can easily cause skin damage

DPL Honeycomb Rejuvenation

Fractional energy output, no damage to the skin

Does IPL removes hair permanently? How long do it take for IPL to remove hair?

Studies have shown that IPL hair removal machine can temporarily remove hair from the depilated area, but not completely or permanently. IPL hair removal machine is only suitable for active hair in the growing phase. If the hair is in the breakage or resting stage, it is not affected by the IPL epilator. If the hair contains little or no melanin, the treatment of the depilated area with an IPL hair removal machine is difficult to handle.

A total of 1 course of treatment, JAVY® IPL hair removal machine treatment once a month, a total of 4-6 treatments. Usually, after 2-3 treatments, you will see very noticeable results. For thick hair, the JAVY® IPL hair removal machine usually requires 3 treatments. For soft and thin hair, the JAVY® IPL hair removal machine requires 5 treatments.

Notes: Avoid washing with hot water within two days after the operation, keep the local area clean and hygienic, and protect the exposed parts from UV rays.

What’s the difference of IPL and laser hair removal?

After the IPL hair removal machine removes hair, the skin is more tender, smooth and shiny, and has the effect of whitening and rejuvenating the skin, but the IPL hair removal machine only acts on the surface and does not permanently remove the hair root, while laser hair removal can directly reach the hair follicle, destroy the tissue, and achieve permanent Hair removal effect.

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Safe IPL Hair Removal Machine

Safe IPL Hair Removal Machine

Safe IPL hair removal machine is the latest pulse hair removal machine. IPL photon hair removal is a mature hair removal method at present. Javy is a professional hair removal machine manufacturer in China.

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