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Gold RF Microcrystalline HIFU Machine Factory

The gold RF microcrystalline HIFU machine is a machine produced by the ingenious combination of microcrystalline and radio frequency. The word "gold" comes from the gold coating of the microcrystalline crystal, and the outer coating of the microcrystalline is also golden yellow. During treatment, the doctor uses microcrystals to treat different parts according to the needs, adjusts the penetration depth and radio frequency energy of the microcrystals, and then under the control of the electronic system, dozens of insulating microcrystals rapidly penetrate the epidermis at the same time, and emit energy from the microcrystal tips. Then quickly withdrawn, and the cycle repeats until the treatment is completed, and finally the cosmetic ingredients are applied.

The working principle of the Gold RF Microcrystalline HIFU Machine is mainly through the mechanical stimulation of the microcrystalline, plus the biological effects and thermal stimulation produced by the RF energy, which together stimulate the skin's self-repair system, promote metabolism, improve microcirculation, and activate collagen, etc. Renewal, in order to achieve the purpose of skin rejuvenation. Since the use of the gold radio frequency microcrystalline HIFU machine opens the quick absorption channel of the skin, the beauty ingredients can enter the skin more easily. And the radio frequency energy emitted by the microcrystalline tip can selectively destroy the hair follicle sebaceous glands and apocrine glands, inhibit the inflammatory response, and activate its own anti-inflammatory repair system.

Advantages of Gold Microcrystalline RF HIFU Machine:

1.Vacuum adsorption technology

2.Four types of insulated probes: 10p, 25p, 64p, nanometer.

3.Manual mode and automatic mode, there is a negative pressure sensor to tighten the needle automatically, with high safety.

4.Depth and energy can be precisely adjusted.

5.The whole process is painless, does not bleed, and there will be no adverse reactions such as scabbing and discoloration after the operation, the effect is perfect.

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