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Fractional skin rejuvenation machine is a new generation of skin rejuvenation machine. Fractional laser is the latest trend of minimally invasive cosmetic treatment technology between invasive and non-invasive. It has a very wide range of modern skin and plastic surgery. application prospects. It is a single laser beam that is rapidly shot into the skin to form non-overlapping micro-holes. These micro-holes are only one-twentieth the size of a hair, but its energy is 5 times that of ordinary pulsed laser energy, which can accurately Stimulate the skin to cause a biochemical reaction, start the self-repair function, and achieve the effects of skin rejuvenation, firmness, and removal of various scars.

The skin rejuvenation function of the fractional skin rejuvenation machine is mainly achieved by the instrument outputting the focal spot of the laser in one place and the water in the skin tissue in a scanning manner, and producing thermal effect, thermal coagulation and thermal peeling at the action site. The thermal effect generated by the laser skin rejuvenation machine will cause the collagen fibers to shrink in the tissue, and thermal coagulation and thermal peeling will lead to the formation of minimally invasive pores in the tissue, which will activate the skin's wound repair mechanism and produce a large amount of collagen to achieve the reproduction of the dermal frame structure. , Facial contour sculpting, wrinkles disappear, skin delicate effect.

Due to the controllability of the fractional laser, the size and diameter of the treatment holes can be modified according to the different conditions of individual skin. Because the beam of the fractional laser is very small, the wounds caused by it are relatively easy to heal, and the uniform application makes the spots do not overlap, so the skin can quickly repair itself when the whole face is applied. Compared with earlier cosmetic projects, the recovery period of fractional laser is shorter. It only takes 3-6 days to complete the process of peeling off the scab, the appearance of the epidermis is naturally repaired, and the subcutaneous collagen grows for up to 6 months without pain. Work study is not affected.

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