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The photochemical effect produced by the fat-dissolving weight loss machine acting on the skin, and the heat produced by it, can enhance the function of blood vessels, improve circulation, reduce fat cells, and achieve slimming effects. Low-power cold laser output improves physiological effects, functional stimulation, accelerates cell regeneration, promotes metabolism, eliminates cellulite, and improves body shape. The fat-dissolving weight loss machine provides a safe, non-invasive method to adapt to different skin conditions, promotes the microcirculation of skin capillaries, timely supplies skin cells with nutrients and oxygen, enhances skin cell resistance and self-repair functions, and makes capillaries The elasticity is enhanced to achieve a weight-loss effect that satisfies the patient.

2. Advantages of fat-dissolving weight loss machine:
1. Four handles, which can be operated by multiple people and parts at the same time, suitable for both men and women.
2. Safe and non-invasive, no current, no hyperthermia, no radiation, no recovery period.
3. No knife, no injection, no medicine, no exercise, no diet, you can burn fat while lying down and reshape the beauty of the lines.
4. Save time and effort, just lie down
5. Simple operation
6. The fat-dissolving weight loss machine is non-invasive, the process is simple and comfortable
7. No pain and no sweat during the treatment, no side effects on the body
8. The water circulation cooling system prevents the processing head from generating high temperature and greatly improves the stability of energy output.

The laser used in the fat-dissolving weight loss machine only acts on the set fat layer, not only does not damage the superficial skin, but also accelerates the self-repair of skin elastic fibers, stimulates collagen proliferation, and keeps the skin that has absorbed fat still tight , Smooth and flat.
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High-efficiency Fat-dissolving Weight Loss Machine

High-efficiency Fat-dissolving Weight Loss Machine

High-efficiency fat-dissolving weight loss machine use 1060nm laser to accurately target fat cells without damaging surrounding tissues, achieve the effect of high-efficiency weight loss.

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Multifunctional Fat-dissolving Weight Loss Machine

Multifunctional Fat-dissolving Weight Loss Machine

Multifunctional Fat-dissolving Weight Loss Machine treats multiple parts: legs, waist, arms, back, buttocks, etc. The four treatment heads work at the same time.

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