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The dot matrix wrinkle removal machine uses a unique head part, which can track the light of CO2 10600nm wavelength when it penetrates the skin through its optical lens. We can control the penetration depth of energy by operating the machine, from a depth of only a few microns to a deeper tiny thermal channel. This will also determine the healing time, the number of treatments and the cost. Each hot channel will cause small micro-damages, but will not significantly interfere with or damage the surrounding tissues. By forming thousands of perforations under the skin, the laser starts to stimulate the skin to produce collagen, fast healing, and reshape and tighten the skin. Your skin tightens, thereby smoothing lines and significantly improving your skin tone and complexion.

Features of dot matrix wrinkle remover
1. Personalized laser structure design, which greatly facilitates laser replacement and convenient daily maintenance.
2. Display: 10.4-inch large touch screen.
3. Humanized software control, simple operation and easy to understand.
4. The treatment effect is excellent and does not affect people's normal life, work and study.
5. A variety of graphics, the shape and size can be adjusted during the treatment.
6. Multiple scanning modes: the maximum distance scanning mode minimizes the risk of pigmentation.
7. Release the micro laser beam that pierces the skin, resulting in strong dry ablation and slight thermal damage.
8. Provide cooling effect to increase patient comfort.

The dot matrix wrinkle removal machine adopts the most advanced laser scanner treatment head, and can provide beauty machines of various sizes and scanning modes. It uses an intelligent operating system to set the energy, the scanner of the size of the graphic shape, and also provides complete control of the laser residence time and power density of each point in the treatment area, which maximizes the doctor's control of the patient's results. We use standard export flight cases. We always choose the most economical and reliable transportation company to ensure that you can receive the goods in time. After the goods are shipped, we will provide you with the tracking number.
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Intelligent Dot Matrix Wrinkle Removal Machine

Intelligent Dot Matrix Wrinkle Removal Machine

Intelligent dot matrix wrinkle removal machine is the most advanced fractional CO2 laser skin resurfacing system with a wavelength of 10600n, it can effectively penetrate the laser beam into the dermis.

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Convenient Dot Matrix Wrinkle Removal Machine

Convenient Dot Matrix Wrinkle Removal Machine

Convenient dot matrix wrinkle removal machine reduces wrinkles, makes the skin firm and plump, and resists skin aging from the bottom.

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