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Dot matrix stretch mark removal machine laser can penetrate the epidermis into the deep dermis, and the laser light and heat can stimulate the dermal tissue to produce new repair collagen. Fibroblasts in the intercellular substance are stimulated to produce collagen molecules, which gradually combine into new collagen in an orderly arrangement, thereby reconnecting broken collagen points, improving the texture and state of the skin, and reducing cord streaks. On the other hand, the light and heat of the laser can blast the gasified pigment cells, thereby dilute the stretch mark pigment, and restore the skin to its normal state.

Advantages of Dot Matrix Stretch Mark Removal Machine:
1. Safety: The light wave of  dot matrix stretch mark removal machine is produced by pixel focusing. When treating stretch marks, it will only heat the local stretch mark tissues and will not cause damage to other parts. There will be no heat damage to the skin caused by overheating the epidermis, which is very safe.
2. Long-lasting: dot matrix stretch mark removal machine achieves the effect of removing stretch marks by stimulating the regeneration of dermal collagen and fibers. Fractional laser will not rebound after removing stretch marks, and the effect can be maintained for a long time.
3. Personality: The laser energy of dot matrix stretch mark removal machine can be adjusted when removing stretch marks. It can effectively adjust the appropriate laser energy according to the state of the stretch marks, the area of striae and the depth of the beauty seeker, thereby enabling personalized treatment Mode, so that the individual's postpartum stretch mark repair effect can reach perfection.

Dot matrix stretch mark removal machine principle of action is the focal photothermal principle. A specific laser produces many fiber treatment holes, which heals quickly and reduces pigmentation, achieving traditional treatment effects and retaining strong collagen stimulation. Used for the treatment of stretch marks, the color change, volume reduction and appearance of stretch marks have produced significant clinical improvement.
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