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The dot matrix freckle removal machine is a safe and effective way. Lattice freckle removal is based on the selective action principle of light and will not damage normal skin tissues. Although the dot matrix method is safe and effective, there are also some adverse reactions, such as blisters, pain, darkening, and darkening. But these reactions are related to personal physique. People with darker skin are more likely to have anti-darkness.

The anti-black phenomenon after using the dot matrix freckle removal machine is mainly caused by race and personal skin. The melanocyte activity of yellow people is stronger than that of white people. Studies have shown that the rate of blackening is about 10%. But don’t worry, this is a manifestation of self-repair after the skin is exposed to the laser. After the blackening occurs, the customer needs to take care of sunscreen and hydrating. The melanin deposits will gradually fade with the metabolism and post-operative repair work.

The safety of the dot-matrix freckle removal machine can be guaranteed. This method is quick and effective. You can leave after you finish it. It will not affect your life and work. However, you should pay attention to sun protection and moisturizing after the operation. Don't eat spicy food when the time comes. Do not use irritating cosmetics, and try to use an umbrella when you go out. Laser freckle treatment is to use selective heat to lighten the spots, only target the melanin in the skin, and will not make the skin thinner. Moreover, the dot matrix freckle removal machine also has the effect of whitening the skin and reducing the pores.

The dot matrix freckle removal machine is a safe and effective way. Dot-matrix freckle removal is the use of the selective action of light. The original dot-matrix freckle removal machine is a technology that transforms the traditional laser emission mode into a pixel mode (micro-hole mode). It has both rapid and significant effects of invasive treatment and non-invasiveness. The advantages of small side effects and short recovery time. Combining the advantages of the two. Laser whitening and freckle removal treatment range is suitable for patients with obvious facial spots and small areas, especially for natural spots, which is a good cure. Freckle care.

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