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What’s the Diode Hair Removal Machine? Is Diode Hair Removal Machine permanent?

JAVY® Diode Hair Removal Machine is semiconductor freezing point hair removal machine. Because its wavelength is 808nm. We call it 808nm Diode Hair Removal Machine.

808nm Diode Hair Removal Machine

Laser type

Diode laser


808nm/755nm 808nm 1064nm




600W:1-166J/cm² Adjustable


220V/110V    50/60Hz


15 LCD control panel 

Cooling system



500w 600w 800w 1000w 1200w optional


Freezing point diode laser hair removal is a permanent and painless hair removal method. The JAVY® freezing point Diode Hair Removal Machine controls the laser power supply through a microprocessor to provide a constant current that can be adjusted for the laser module, so that the high-power laser diode inside the laser module converts electrical energy into It is light energy, which is irradiated on the hair tissue through the light-guiding crystal, and the laser of the JAVY® freezing point Diode Hair Removal Machine passes through the skin surface to the hair follicle at the root of the hair, and converts it into heat energy that destroys the hair follicle tissue so that to achieve permanent hair removal.

What is the safest permanent hair removal? How effective is diode laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is a more safe and effective way to remove unwanted hair of the body.

JAVY® 808nm Diode Hair Removal Machine has below advantages:

* Freezing environment can make JAVY® 808nm Diode Hair Removal Machine high-speed hair removal, reduce pain and achieve real minimally invasive.

* The central wavelength of JAVY® Diode Hair Removal Machine is 808nm, which directly acts on the hair papilla through the epidermis, which is more efficient than other hair removal equipment.

* JAVY® 808nm Diode Hair Removal Machine uses high-performance power supply with semiconductor laser handle to emit light with high frequency and high efficiency, and the treatment is faster.

* JAVY® 808nm Diode Hair Removal Machine adopts compressor condenser to ensure constant temperature cooling of handle, no need for intermittent work, more suitable for professional medical places.

* JAVY® 808nm Diode Hair Removal Machine adopts sliding technology, the functional handle can continuously emit light without interruption, and the sliding operation removes hair without leaving the action part.

Frost in 5 minutes, safer and more comfortable to use

Diode Hair Removal Machine handle:

Spot size

14*22mm  14*32mm


Golden/silver white/black


With touch screen/without touch screen

Is diode laser painful?

JAVY® freezing point Diode Hair Removal Machine generally does not experience pain, but it is also judged according to individual physique. If some people have poor physical fitness, they will experience a little pain when using freezing point Diode Hair Removal Machine.

JAVY® freezing point Diode Hair Removal Machine is permanent, there is generally no recurrence after surgery, and the trauma is very small, which will not affect normal life. During the recovery period, people should adjust their diet and avoid foods such as peppers and raw onions.

Which is better IPL or diode laser?

IPL hair removal machine will not cause damage to the hair follicles, it is a healthy and green way of hair removal, but the hair will grow back and need to be removed again. The freezing point Diode Hair Removal Machine can remove body hair in a large area without causing skin pain, the hair removal speed is fast, and the effect is more lasting.

The diode hair removal machine uses a 808nm laser, which uses the freezing point based on selective solar thermal dynamics. By adjusting the wavelength, energy and pulse width of the laser, it reaches the hair root hair follicle through the skin, absorbs heat energy and decomposes the hair follicle tissue, which can accurately destroy the hair follicle , Without causing damage to surrounding tissues. The fast freezing point hair removal system is suitable for refrigeration protection, can make the temperature reach -5℃, solve many difficulties, and is a safe, fast and permanent technology.

The diode hair removal machine has 3 wavelengths and adopts a diode laser imported from Germany. The treatment time is short, and more treatments can be completed in less time, allowing you to quickly treat a larger area, and at the same time provide your patients with the fastest and more effective Feeling of hair removal. Hair removal treatment will be safer, especially for dark skin and rejuvenation. Good performance, powerful heat dissipation function, comfortable and safe treatment. The diode laser replaces the solid-state alexandrite diode laser, which makes the treatment more comfortable. Melanin effectively absorbs the diode laser to achieve the purpose of permanent hair removal.

The diode hair removal machine can improve the absorption of powerful energy by the melanin chromophore, making it an ideal choice for the widest range of hair colors and types. As the penetration increases, it is particularly effective for the raised part of the hair follicle and for the hair embedded on the surface. , High average power and fast repetition frequency to achieve efficient treatment. The cooling system is better and the processing method is quieter. The four-way power supply replaces the four-way power supply, and the output is higher and more stable. Low noise and stable water flow. Easy-to-operate interface: an intelligent operating system is designed for users. Even a new user can easily operate the machine.

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