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The diode crow's feet removal machine uses a wavelength of 1550nm to penetrate the epidermis into the dermis and absorb the heat pulses and cause high temperatures inside the tissues. It does not break down the cells, so the skin surface is intact. The intense heat of the laser selectively destroys damaged tissue cells in the skin, activates the growth of antibacterial oxygen species, and stimulates the new synthesis of collagen in deep skin tissues. It can remove crow's feet, scars, wrinkles and shrink pores. The entire complexion looks firmer and fresher. It is reliable, non-invasive and can achieve lasting results.

The function of the diode crow's feet remover is to remove facial crow's feet, neck wrinkles, stretch marks and other fine lines and deep wrinkles, significantly improve medium and deep wrinkles, remove inflammatory acne, smooth scars, remove warts, moles and pigmented lesions, and remove age spots , Improve skin texture and tone, lead to obvious skin tightening, improve skin tone, reduce stretch marks, suitable for various skin types. The machine is a non-exfoliative machine. After the treatment is completed, it will not affect normal life, work and study.

Diode crow's feet removal machine is that it has an intelligent color touch screen, which can be quickly and conveniently controlled by software, and the laser energy and shape can be adjusted at any time. Our machine has a reliable and powerful laser, high efficiency, safe and comfortable treatment, minimal downtime, non-exfoliative laser treatment, the effect is more significant, it can be treated accurately, durable, reliable, and non-invasive. No pigmentation, safe and effective for all skin types. Our machine has a gold-plated treatment head, which will not cause damage to the skin. We have the CE certification certified by the European Union and guarantee its quality and safety.
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