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Co2 Wrinkle Removal Machine Factory

Hebei Javy Technology Co., Ltd. was established in August 2015. Javy is a professional China laser machine Manufacturers and China co2 wrinkle removal machine  suppliers. The company is committed to providing the world with the most professional services based on the international aesthetic laser market operation concept.The company is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, development and sales, and has a group of professional R&D personnel and a rigorous quality management system to ensure the quality of the products.We specialize in CO2 lasers, 4D, 4D POR, 1060 laser solubil fat, 1550 erbium laser, Picoseconds......After years of expansion, a good reputation and high-quality service have been established. Whether you are near or far away in China, our high-quality service is always by your side!

Advantage of 10600nm Co2 wrinkle removal machine:Easy Drawing regular & irregular shapes for different area treatment.Ultra-Short Pulse Duration make sure safety and comfortable treatment.Various indications with one machine.Adjustable spot density to meet versatile treatment.Easy setup and quick treatments.Apply Android operation system, is capable for more functions of saving customer database, developing applications and customize interface.

Co2 wrinkle removal machine system generate a 10,600nm wavelength, which is absorbed by water in the tissue. The laser energy heats up the water until it reaches a boiling point causing the evaporation of the affected tissue. Some heat is absorbed by tissue adjacent to the ablated target area, causing tissue coagulation which induces hemostasis (the cessation of bleeding) as well as thermal stimulation.High efficiency co2 wrinkle removal machine for skin resurfacing wrinkles scar repair packed in aluminium road case with wheels.The aluminum alloy packaging box has good airtightness, good plasticity, high electrical and thermal conductivity, and also has the ability to resist oxidation and corrosion.
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Durable Co2 Wrinkle Removal Machine can be bought from Javy Technology. In the long-term development process, Javy Technology with excellent product quality and professional service, and many manufacturers to establish a good cooperative relationship. Do you support making customized Co2 Wrinkle Removal Machine? Yes, on the grounds that we have professional technical personnel, leading technology advantage and our own factory, so we can accept customization. You are welcome to buy the latest selling Co2 Wrinkle Removal Machine in China. If you want to know product prices or product-related questions you can contact us, we will understand your needs, to help you choose the most appropriate products. We are looking forward to long-term cooperation with you!