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Co2 Stretch Mark Removal Machine is the world’s first laser machine that adopted non-invasive treatment to tighten vagina which is the safest and the most accurate treatment to tighten the vagina with the most comfortable experiences,this machine can  treatment like cutting and stanching which can be a really good option for the skin beauty to remove the wrinkle around the eyes and mouth ,acne spots and scars after operation ,scars caused by accidents and the Skin neoplasm in healthy condition.It is a laser with a wavelength of 10600 nanometers. It uses a carbon dioxide fractional laser system to emit laser beams. The laser acts on the vaginal mucosa and muscle tissue to generate heat and stimulate the skin tissue to produce new collagen to immediately tighten and enhance the effect, making the skin younger, and ultimately the skin looks healthier and younger.

The advantage of co2 stretch mark removal machine is that it has the CE certificate and safety authority certified by the European Union. The 40-watt radio frequency metal tube is used to ensure strong and stable energy, long service life, and various size adjustable modes, suitable for different treatment areas. The 7-section light guide arm can move and scan 360 degrees, and the output energy is more stable. The aiming beam is adjustable to ensure precise processing. The size of the spots is small and the skin can recover quickly. The number of treatments is small, and the scar problem can be solved quickly and effectively.

The co2 stretch mark removal machine adopts advanced radio frequency laser, the laser structure design is personalized, the laser is easy to replace, and the daily maintenance is convenient; it adopts 10.4 color touch LCD screen, humanized software control, laser output is stable, safer, higher precision, and better performance good. The operation is simple and convenient, and it is a safe and reliable high-quality product for consumers.
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