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What is CO2 laser skin rejuvenation machine?

JAVY® CO2 skin rejuvenation machine adopts coherent laser equipment imported from the United States to ensure a stable and uniform 2940nm laser output. And JAVY® is professional CO2 skin rejuvenation machine manufacturer. The CO2 laser skin rejuvenation machine can be equipped with a 7-joint articulated light guide arm imported from South Korea or a heavy hammer light guide arm imported from Germany. Both of these new light guide arms can greatly reduce the energy loss of the CO2 skin rejuvenation machine and can be used for CO2 laser The skin rejuvenation machine is used for a long time, the precision of the laser will not be affected in any direction, and it is easy to operate and flexible, and the appearance is fashionable and beautiful. The three-in-one system of cutting, lattice, and gynecology has multiple functions such as acne removal, wrinkle removal, scar repair, epidermal cutting, and acupuncture care. The power of CO2 laser skin rejuvenation machine reaches 60W professional medical level. In order to prevent accidental laser injury, there is a protective device inside. This is also a significant advantage of CO2 laser skin rejuvenators, as it also increases the lifespan of the laser unit.

Heavy hammer type light guiding arm imported from Germany

7 joints articulated light guiding arm imported from Korea

JAVY® CO2 laser skin rejuvenation machine’s laser can penetrate the epidermis into the deep dermis, and the laser light and heat can stimulate the dermal tissue to produce new repair collagen. Fibroblasts in the intercellular substance are stimulated to produce collagen molecules, which gradually combine into new collagen in an orderly arrangement, thereby reconnecting broken collagen points, improving the texture and state of the skin, and removing scar and wrinkle.

JAVY® CO2 laser skin rejuvenation machine has a higher configuration pro version, it has additional treatment equipment can be used to treat oral facelift.

What is the advantages and features of CO2 laser skin rejuvenation machine?

CO2 laser skin rejuvenation machine has wide range of treatment, many treatment scenes, good effect

Unparalleled char-free ablation vaporization excision, or incision of soft tissues

Reduced thermal damage to surrounding tissues

Rapid healing and minimal downtime

CO2 laser skin rejuvenation machine stimulate deeper collagen with high pulse energy

CO2 laser skin rejuvenation machine has LCD display panel which provides easy operation with the latest microprocessor technology

Adjustable scanning pattens and size

Adjustable intensity of pilot beam from zero to maximum

Adjustable pulse duration

Last treatment setting memorization

Automatic alarm system for operation and troubles

Covers all functions of conventional system

No consumable costs

What is the features of CO2 skin rejuvenation machine?

JAVY® CO2 laser skin rejuvenation machine use imported core components plus top technology, the graphics are more standard, the dots are smaller, and the arrangement is more uniform, better clinical results, each tiny fractional column re-epithelializes typically within one day. This minimizes the risk of scarring, infection, or long-term pigmentation changes.With the guidance of "Science Creates Beauty", we will keep on leading manufacturer in medical and aesthetic device industry, never stop improving our technology and supplying the best service.

What is the common problem of CO2 laser skin rejuvenation machine?

Q1: Is CO2 laser good for skin?

A: CO2 lasers skin rejuvenation machine can precisely remove thin layers of skin with minimal damage to the surrounding structures. These lasers treat sun damage, wrinkles, scars, warts, birthmarks and other skin conditions.

Q2:How many CO2 laser sessions does it take to see results?

A: Depending on the severity of user’s skin condition, the user may need to undergo about one to three sessions. These treatments can be done at four to six-weekly intervals.

Q3: Is CO2 skin rejuvenation machine painful?

A: CO2 laser skin rejuvenation machine will cause slight discomfort when stimulating the skin, and we will try our best to make the patient feel comfortable during the treatment. After our continuous clinical experiments, we can achieve only a slight tingling sensation during the treatment process, similar to "acupuncture".

Q4: How long do CO2 laser results last?

A: Generally speaking, most patients can keep their skin smooth and tender after receiving laser rejuvenation treatment, and this effect can generally be maintained for about 3-5 years, after which new treatment is required. Some patients maintain skin rejuvenation for longer with intermittent add-on treatments

Where is the manufacturer of CO2 skin rejuvenation machine?

JAVY® is a leading laser beauty equipment manufacturer in China, a high-tech company integrating development, research, production, sales and after-sales. Our purpose is people-based and technology-driven, which ensures that we can provide high-quality, cost-effective products. Our products are diverse, in addition to CO2 laser skin rejuvenation machines, there are dozens of products such as hair removal machines, picosecond tattoo removal machines, and weight loss machines. You are welcome to communicate with us in depth.

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Portable Co2 Skin Rejuvenation Machine

Portable Co2 Skin Rejuvenation Machine

Portable Co2 Skin Rejuvenation Machine is a new type of laser skin rejuvenation machine. It has multiple functions of skin rejuvenation, wrinkle removal, pigmentation removal, painless, traceless and easy to operate. It is currently the best choice for laser skin rejuvenation.We are expecting become your long term partner in china.

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Durable Co2 Skin Rejuvenation Machine can be bought from Javy Technology. In the long-term development process, Javy Technology with excellent product quality and professional service, and many manufacturers to establish a good cooperative relationship. Do you support making customized Co2 Skin Rejuvenation Machine? Yes, on the grounds that we have professional technical personnel, leading technology advantage and our own factory, so we can accept customization. You are welcome to buy the latest selling Co2 Skin Rejuvenation Machine in China. If you want to know product prices or product-related questions you can contact us, we will understand your needs, to help you choose the most appropriate products. We are looking forward to long-term cooperation with you!