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The co2 freckle removal machine is a pixel laser which is a relatively new type of laser. This type of laser can emit a relatively small amount of light. When it penetrates the skin, it can reduce damage to other skins and can directly act on problem skin. . After carbon dioxide laser freckle removal, if you want to restore the skin texture to its natural state, you must use the repair cream according to the doctor's plan until the skin texture is long. Generally speaking, carbon dioxide laser can usually have a good freckle effect and improve the dull and dark yellow symptoms of facial skin.

The light wave emitted during the co2 freckle removal machine is beneficial to gradually decompose the color of the skin spots, and multiple laser treatments are beneficial to remove the facial spots and make the skin more white and smooth. During the recovery period, you should avoid eating hot peppers and hot peppers and other irritating foods before the skin returns to its natural state. It may cause inflammation and may also cause adverse reactions such as scar hyperplasia on the skin.

The co2 laser freckle removal effect is relatively good, and the chance of rebound is very small, and it is not easy to occur. After freckle removal, you should pay attention to postoperative care. The wound should be kept dry. It is forbidden to scratch with your hands after scabs. You can wait for it to fall naturally to avoid scarring. The effect of carbon dioxide laser freckle removal is very obvious, and generally there is no rebound phenomenon.

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Safe Co2 Freckle Removal Machine

Safe Co2 Freckle Removal Machine

The safe co2 freckle removal machine is popular because of its good effect and low recurrence. Methods Laser freckle removal method is for general pigmented spots, and pigmented laser can be used for treatment.

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