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Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal Machine Factory

Alexandrite laser hair removal machine is a hair removal machine that uses alexandrite gemstone as a laser medium. Alexandrite as a medium can make the pulse width of the laser longer, and the hair removal effect is better than that of ordinary medium lasers. During the treatment, the doctor can adjust the output power and RF energy according to the needs to perform hair removal treatment on different parts. Then finish the treatment with some skin care products after the treatment.

Machine exploits principle of selective absorption of light. According to the principle of selective absorption of light, q-switched Nd: YAG specific wavelength of light pulse laser radiation is a high peak, different colors absorb light penetrates the organization of the ultrashort pulse width in ns, and light absorption of pigment, instant results. Pigment particles smash into pieces, it will return to the skin and other parts will be split into small particles can be phagocytes and lymphatic system and remove.

Advantages of Gold Microcrystalline RF HIFU Machine:

1.Stronger hair removal effect

2.Adjustable output power

3.Refrigerator can be linked to provide more comfortable treatment effect

4.Depth and energy can be precisely adjusted.

5.The whole process is painless, does not bleed, and there will be no adverse reactions such as scabbing and discoloration after the operation, the effect is perfect.

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