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Our Service

Pre-sales service: 

1. Provide customers with product knowledge and guide them to choose the most suitable products 

2. According to customer needs, provide effective information and answer customer questions.

In-sale service: 

1. Enthusiastically answer customer questions 

2. In-depth understanding of customer needs and full communication with customers 

3. Assist customers to choose the most suitable products.

After-sales service: 

1. From the beginning of the shipment to the delivery of the equipment, it is necessary to track and explain the situation in real time, the equipment has been shipped, when it is expected to arrive, the installation is ready, the equipment is ready for delivery, etc.; 

2. For the warranty For the equipment in use, do a good job of return visits and follow-up, and timely and quickly deal with the problems of the product to ensure that it does not affect the customer's use; 3. Timely solve the customer's problems in the use of the product, and solve the customer's worries.