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4D HIFU machine is a non-invasive and comprehensive anti-aging + private anti-aging machine, which combines sculpture, 4D multi-row, and privacy, it can not only tighten the face, eliminate wrinkles and resist aging, but also tighten the female's privacy. That is, the facial rejuvenation, but also has a girl-like private compact tender slippery, an instrument, double choice. It adopts the width, length and depth of the ultrasonic energy distance, which is more comprehensive and three-dimensional. Direct heat transfer to the skin and subcutaneous tissue stimulates and renews the skin's collagen, thereby improving skin texture and reducing sagging. It is an instrument that adopts 360°no dead angle + multi-row fixed point + 360°3D surround technology.

4D HIFU machine treatment of facial lifting and firming, body shaping, vaginal tightening, etc. has been recognized by authoritative organizations in the beauty industry, and is known as the miracle light of eternal youth.The treatment is to use probes of different depths to accurately transmit thermal energy from 65°C to 72°C to the SMAS layer of the skin, 1.5 epidermis, 3.0 dermis, 4.5 fascia, resulting in thermal coagulation, shrinking the skin, and stimulating collagen regeneration. , quickly achieve the effect of thin face, firming Q elastic skin. Through the unique probe friction treatment method, it can reach the depth of the target, so that the patient will not feel pain.

The 4D HIFU machine multi-slap point is fast, evenly distributed, painless operation, and automatically controls the rotation angle to ensure multiple shots are accurate, uniform, and effective. Immediately treat and go without affecting normal life and work. It is safe and effective, approved by high-end technology and clinical trials, and will not have any effect on natural childbirth. The energy and probe can be adjusted according to the patient, and the roller design can be moved at will to ensure normal use in various situations. And our machines undergo strict quality management and safety management to ensure the quality and safety of the machines.

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Vaginal Tightening 4D HIFU Machine

Vaginal Tightening 4D HIFU Machine

Vaginal tightening 4D HIFU machine a non-invasive comprehensive anti-aging + private anti-aging artifact. It combines fine carving, 4D multi-row and privacy into one. It can not only do facial lifting, firming, wrinkle removal and anti-aging, but also a beauty machine for women's private tightening.

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